Couples Counseling and Couples Therapy

The couples that feel like taking a counseling or therapy should understand that you have differences, because you are in relationship and you are in relationship, because you have tremendous love for each other.

The moment you have a petite disagreement on something, say on the choice of a dinner, you store the disappointment deep inside you. You stored it deep inside, because you expected something from the other side. You expected the other side to listen to you; you expected the other side to respect your opinion. Yes, expecting is fundamental right of your love on the other. But, it is right of a qualified love; a love this is qualified to be in relation.

A qualified love acts as backbone of relation between two. It bridges two emotions. The love that expects is not a qualified one to be in relationship. Rather, it is the one that offers. When the other side has an opinion that is opposite to yours, the qualified love in your side sees the other side’s love that has the opinion. But, an unqualified love sees a personality that has the opinion.

A qualified love offers the other side to take its opinion granted. An unqualified love expects and, in fact, demands the other side to approve its opinion. A qualified love flourishes the relationship; it helps the relationship to blossom every moment again and again. It keeps the relationship alive.

An unqualified love weakens the relationship. It slowly drives the relationship to a point of its death. An unqualified love helps the friction between two to get strengthened.

The moment you read this, you have started treatment to your problem. But, this treatment is not much important. The changes that you are going to bring in the way you treat the other side is actually the treatment to your problem. You have to add as many as qualifications to your love on the other side. The more qualifications you add to your love, the stronger your relationship becomes.

Don’t ask why I should alone. You just start adding. The qualified love is one of most infectious; sooner it will affect the other side.

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