How to control your anger?

Learn the ancient wisdom of how to control your anger. Learn the art of how to manage your anger. Learn the olden technique of how to deal with your anger.

In the course of evolution within the species, human has become conscious enough to distinguish between his emotions that are healthy and damaging. Among of all wonderful emotions of human beings, the one that is felt to be unwanted by the majority determined individuals is anger.

Before learning on how to control your anger, you must know how to manage your anger. Knowing how to deal with your anger is prerequisite to know how to manage your anger.

You have got three different levels of instruments to practice against anger. They are dealing, managing and controlling. Your ability of going in an agreement with or fighting against anger is the art of dealing. Your ability of bypassing the dangerous emotion is the art of managing. Your ability of destroying energy source of the bad emotion is controlling.

Level 1: The art of dealing with your angry

When you use the instrument of dealing with your angry, you will allow anger to enter into you. But, you will send it back either by an agreement with or a fight against it. On entering into you, anger establishes a channel to interact with you. You will negotiate to see that the transmission does not take place.

You will go to a coffee with a bad colleague. But, you will sooner get rid of his irritation either by shouting at him and by giving a request. When you meet with a traffic jam on your hurry drive to office, you will get down from the car to assist in clearing the traffic either by shouting at people or with a kind request. You will sooner get rid of your bad emotion with a success from your endeavors and start reading a good book to season yourself further.

Level 2: The art of managing your anger

When you use the instrument of managing against anger, you will allow anger to take birth in you. But, you know the art of bypassing it. On taking birth, anger establishes a channel to interact with you. You will ignore that channel. You will not be available in that channel. You will find another channel to avoid the channel of anger.

You will welcome a trouble that loves you; but you will not give it an opportunity to trouble you. You will go for a coffee with a bad colleague; you will not give him an opportunity to irritate you.  You will choose to drive to office on regular path which is well known for traffic jams; you will meet another traffic jam in hurry; but, you will resist the irritating outside and stay back on the same road with a good podcast or music bypassing actual hurry.

Level 3: The art of controlling your anger

When you use the instrument of controlling against user anger, you will never allow anger neither to take birth in you nor to enter into you. You will have acquired techniques to avoid the bad emotion. You know the secret of attacking angry in its originating source itself. You are energized to stop anger and other bad emotions outside yourself, because, you are in the pursuit of productive and peaceful mind.

You will never welcome something if you aware that it is a trouble. You will never go for a coffee with a colleague if you aware that he or she is irritating.  You will never choose to drive to office on a road if you aware that the path is vulnerable to traffic jam. Always, you see that your mind is at peace and thought processes are productive.


Anger is a very natural phenomenon of human mind. A man of determination never likes to remain in the state of anger. As a beginner, you have to react to it in order to get rid of it. Slowly, you will start becoming witness to your own state of anger. You will be in angry; but, it will not disturb you and you will be beautifully observing it. Sooner, you will become a master of controlling your anger.

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